How can I be assured that the leads provided are top quality?

As aforementioned on the homepage, our leads are directed to a landing page that qualifies the lead as a potential conversion. Additionally, before the leads are sent to you, there is a licensed REALTOR that verifies the quality of the lead to ensure that you are getting the most from your investment.

If the leads are of such great quality, why are they being sold?

U.S. Home Leads was created by Brice Hollis, a college scholar who earned his real estate license at the young age of 18. In the first couple of years working as a Realtor, Mr. Hollis created a strategy to generate his own leads from social media platforms. His lead generation strategy proved to work as he converted the leads and made more than double his money back. This was going well until his business began to interfere with his academic career. He quickly realized that he needed more quality time to work with his clients in order to keep the integrity of his business, but he could not find it because of the amount of time he needed to keep up with his studies. After coming to terms with this, Mr. Hollis founded U.S. Home Leads to put his real estate license to good use and help other Realtors with their businesses.

What percentage of leads usually convert in each order?

Our ultimate goal is for 100% of our leads to have high potential to convert. However, we can only guarantee that 75% of the leads have high potential to convert considering our low prices. After doing additional social media research, we will decide whether or not we need to raise our prices to give better quality to our clients or modify our marketing strategy.

Is my credit card information safe?

Yes, your credit card information is 100% safe. We do not do any contracts so there is no need for us to record your credit card information. You pay a one-time fee for your leads and if you are satisfied with our work and would like to purchase additional leads you will able to do so again just as you did in your initial purchase.

After I purchase my leads, when can I expect to receive them?

After purchasing your leads your payment takes approximately 1 week to process; therefore, you will begin receiving your leads within 2-3 weeks after your purchase.

Are the leads I purchase shared with other REALTORS?

No! When we receive orders for leads, each order comes into our database separately, which allows us to differentiate who ordered leads. This allows us to mark each order complete after delivery. As aforementioned on the homepage, “our goal is to help you get a leg up on your competition, not for your competition to get a leg up on you.”

How do you know what areas I service as a REALTOR?

When you place your order, you will fill out a form that will be sent to us that has all the necessary information to generate your targeted leads geared to your area.

When was this business founded?


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